Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Christmas is drawing ever closer. I'm really aware of the fact that I have rather alot to do still.

Had some exciting town wide stuff this weekend. Was great! Well done St Mary's... looking to the horizon for the next event, which is going to be even better!

Preaching this weekend, ha ha. Feeling the pressure a bit. So gonna spend some quiet time doing that.

Having up and down days, but thats what comes with the job. God's gonna get me through. Some good answers from my previous question. I don't have another one yet. Keep thinking, what would God want for Christmas (just light-hearted)?

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Liz said...

God wants a Wii from Nintendo, or POTC 2 on DVD, a puppy, a horse, a laptop that works, a breadmaker, an iPod, free food for eternity or for people to understand that whatever you give them they should be grateful - after all some poeple don't get anything