Friday, November 24, 2006

Wii - don't get it...

Do we have to spend £30-40 to aid children's imaginations now? Seriously, what is wrong with a stick and using your own mouth to make the noises? Or for that matter, actually playing the game.

New gadget and all, but I'm not sure I really understand.

Was thinking about things that make me happy last night, as I sat in front of Grey's Anatomy sipping hot chocolate that had be enhanced by adding cinnamon. Yes, I love and am probably addicted to telly that is not good for me. But it makes me happy.

I've also just completed my latest sermon. I should have started weeks ago, but the pressure has made me be concise. 2 or 3 edits later and it's a good start.

Going to be talking alot over the next few weeks.