Sunday, February 11, 2007

24 hour Famine

I thoroughly intend for this post to be massively disjointed... it's going to be written over three days, so you guys get the full effect of Youth Work in flow (if I can ever find a quiet moment).

Friday night:
Having just got in from youth club, which I really enjoy, I've sat down to work out what I'll need for this weekend, and how I'm going to feel human delivering a sermon having not eaten for 24hours previously.

I'll wear a nice pair of trousers and pray to God that I can do this. Miracles are a highly acceptable situation. Listening to John Mayer's amazing album to calm my nerves. Some times I have no idea what he is talking about, but at this moment he is hitting the spot on lots of stuff. My Bed beckons me...

Saturday Night:
Young People are watching High School Musical. So is pretty quiet. Am very hungry, but it's been a really good day. 15.5 hours to go, I'm very excited about what the morning prayer and bible study will be like. HSM is pretty cheesy, just needed to escape it a bit!

Sunday Night:
So after 24 hours, abit of rambling for 10 minutes up the front of church (I'll post sermon on other blog soon) and lots of triumphant eating the famine is over. The longest weekend of my life is over (only to be repeated again in 3 weeks time, thats a whole other story).

They did really well, one of the volunteers ate a raw onion and this morning we raised more money for WorldVision.

The challenge has been set... get fasting into daily church life!