Thursday, February 22, 2007


As Lent began I went to my first Ash Wednesday service. There's something in me that associates Ash Wdnesday traditions with the Catholic faith, I don't know how or why, but its there.

I think I surprised myself a bit by wanting to go, but it was a great service. I had been up for a very long time and driven to Essex and back in the afternoon, but I managed to stay awake.

At the moment I am slightly petrified by the idea that I will be the main speaker at Liz's Youth Alpha weekend. And I seem to have managed to make the Friday before extremely busy, but I don't have school tomorrow, so I need to make the most of that.

Check out this, if you are interested in doing a Gap Year, or if you just want a laugh!


Robert said...

KAREN!!! That video was amazing!! I teared up watching it. It's nice to see you and hear your voice again. We'll talk soon.

Pete said...

... and the award for best gap year video presenter goes to ...

Well done. You are on film, shame they cut your slot short