Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

Aww, had a long weekend... mostly started with a painful bit of parking in St Albans (which is lots of roadworks and highly confusing - made me wish I had sat-nav).

Then saw Music and Lyrics, much hilarity had by all. Cheesy rom-com, but it hit the spot.

Woke up Sunday morning to a smashed back windscreen and am currently wondering how on earth I'm going to cope tomorrow... God has a way to provide throuh these things. So I was at work all day today, and intend to be at work all day tomorrow. I have lots to do anyway! Maybe being trapped at work will help.

We had Tea-Time! this afternoon, and am very glad it only happens once a month... ddon't think I'd be able to cope if it was any more frequently. And I don't think I'll ever ad-lib/have control of my temper as much as I did!

God has been amazing since forever and I don't really expect it to stop now. I think I'm just going to spend a while enjoying telling the devil to take a hike, my God is bigger than a smashed windscreen and mental kids. Hoorah!