Monday, March 19, 2007

On form

I'm pretty much back to normal after all the car trouble last week. It got me down, but is probably a symptom of bigger things.

So this morning as part of my job I headed into first lesson at the school across the road from work. And went head on against a lovely bunch of guys who are hopefully a little bit more aware of the choices they have to make before they have sex.

I'm teaching all girls this afternoon. So we will see how differently that goes.

Its a bit more hard-core next week. Going to try and teach the boys how to use language without being derogatory.


Pete said...

I would be very interested to hear a comparison of the teaching that you do to the boys and the girls. How is the material different? What did you do to make it more relevant to their learning styles in each case? How are the reactions different?
Sorry for all the questions, but it would be excellent input for next Tuesday!

jeff said...

you're very cool Karen. Very cool

Abi said...

You rock! and are doing such a great job im sure :)
abs x x x x x x