Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spaces in between

You'll be happy to know that a mechanic looked at my poorly car and is fitting a new battery tomorrow morning before I head to school dressed in red.

Comic Relief has come around again, with a brilliant series of Fame Academy. Well impressed with the courage. I've done my singing on stage, so I no longer feel the need to ever ever do it again.

In other news I head in to the local school next week. For teaching and a meeting about Mentoring. Well excited. This is the start of a busy time, I feel. Lots of socail stuff happening, and hopefully lots of learning.

Easter shall be an interesting time this year. The last time I was properly away for Easter was a Spring Harvest trip, this time I'm going to be working flat out and hopefully blag a few days away afterwards.

But I am looking forward to it.

If anyone wants to join in with St Hugh's traditions, just ask. This does include a dawn service (what's dawn? Seriously I have been asked...) on Easter day and then breakfast after.