Friday, March 23, 2007

Sex God

I'm not joking... I could have started this blog with 'I wanna have your babies'.

In a world obsessed with sex, I hope I'm teaching so that they young people I know will be able to make an informed decision - or at least consider the danger they put themselves in every time they have sex.

Whats the one thing James Bond doesn't have? I wonder how the boys may answer this question on Monday morning.

'I wanna have your babies' is a song from Natasha Bedingfield, shes a genius! Single is out on 16th April. I was very scared of this song until I heard the lyrics, then I just laughed for a good ten minutes.

Things I've heard this week
'But miss, I'll never get HIV'
'Girls should get on their knees more often'
'I could never do that miss' (she was talking about faithfulness)
'Miss, that's what I've chosen' on virginity and abstinence

Sex God is Rob Bell's new book, written in the same style as Velvet Elvis. I got given it twice this week. However I have this really strange feeling that the book is aimed at me and not who I will be teaching! I'll let you know when I've finished.