Monday, April 30, 2007

Lyrically speaking

Had quite an anglican weekend... St Hughs held it's APCM (Thats Annual Parochial Church Meeting aka AGM aka health check), was a bit full on for a Sunday morning. It would have been quite short if someone hadn't have asked 'whats the relationship between the school and the church?' Which of course sparked a few people into action.

I was way down the queue to have my say... but that's such a good sign. So many people are ready to help out and they know so much more than I do at the moment.

We had news this week that the young people had raised £1000 for WorldVision! I'm so impressed with them. The certificate will be proudly displayed on our new fundraising board. We had started to pull ideas together for Soul Survivor (and Resonate), so look out for pictures!

Had Tim Hughes' new album on repeat lately, he's gone a bit grassroots with his lyrics. 'Clinging to the cross' is my favourite. I'm already having fun adding other lyrics to the songs though. One goes 'the sun, the moon, the stars, the heavens' but could easily be changed to 'the sun, the moon, the stars, whatever!'. Ok I found it funny, stop laughing at me.

Back to work I suppose.