Friday, March 18, 2005

Wales is finally happening

So I brought the tickets and they arrived. I'm off to wales for my interview on 8th April, prayers much appreciated.

I picked them up from our washing machine (they were on the top, not in it!) after my 13 hour day (which eventually ended up being more like 17 hours - pastoral care at midnight for an hour is always fun)

Going to scout camp tonight with the TGI's. I am staring to look forward to it! I can't wait to talk to them and get messy. The best thing about it is it only takes up a weekend of my life. A relatively short amount of time and I'll probably never have to do it again!

I got my YFC application form through the post, finally. The thing that made me laugh is that part of it is about applying to Activate, their music/drama/performance team. The additional information is about my vocal range (hmmm) and 'auditions' start in March (he he). Something tells me that they haven't thought this one through.

But that means its a challenge. When have I ever shyed away from a challenge (please don't answer that... I know the greatest challenge I've shyed away from and I'm not proud!)??

Anyway, bring on the weekend!!

Der Herr ist gn├Ądig und barmherzig, seine Geduld hat kein Ende und seine Liebe ist grenzenlos!
Psalm 145:8
I typed it all myself (so spelling maybe a bit off, but I'm getting there!).