Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Friday

Yes I know its Saturday already, but I did have a good Friday yesterday despite the fact that Dad reckons I have damaged one of the muscles that surrounds my left lung. I am going to see a doctor.

So back to yeaterday. We did a really excellent meditation at church in the morning, then a walk of witness up the high street. We got abused hurled at us from some random bloke in town and then some of the procession, of about 500 people, nearly got run over by an ambulance (the procession crosses the entrance to an ambulance station, they weren't trying!).

We sat in Emmanuel Church at the top of the high street for another service before heading to the pub for lunch.

It was great to sit with about 20 people and eat dinner together, something we haven't done for a while.

Then I found out my aunt and her family were visting my nan, so we had tea with them, fish and chips. We talked about the tradition of eating fish on fridays, but couldn't find and answer, so any ideas?

All in all a good day and I've seen everyone in essex. It must be time to move on...