Tuesday, March 15, 2005


... that Luton is just as far away from London as Billericay.

I got my Wales interview confirmation yesterday. I'm very excited by it all. Now I just have to decide where to travel from.

I asked the question, is it better travelling from Luton to Cardiff, or from Billericay. I could feasibly be in either place.

So I did the maths. Funny thing is, it takes 2 mins more to travel from Billericay on the train! A whole two minutes and it cost the same. So I figured I'll probably travel from Luton. That way I can sleep the saturday after and not have to worry about packing and unpacking the car.

Of course the other option is driving... he he! I think not.

Saying that, it takes an hour less, but looks a lot more complicated than travelling into London St Pancras and out of Paddington. Going to be a girl on this one, and I do already have 2 cross country trips planned this year.

Now to find the money to buy the ticket...