Monday, November 28, 2005


I had another great weekend.

I've worked hard and had some fun right at the end of it. I got to dance and jump around because I love Jesus, something that got me funny looks (and that was from all Christian young people).

Quite strange.

Any way, God is great to me and I'm gearing up for doing some hard-core youth work over the run up to Christmas.

Could be working with Young Offenders in the next year, should be very exciting! Can't wait to put my all into everything again.

Which means I am fully recoverd from the cold I had, yeay!


John Cowart said...

Joy always looks weird to outsiders who don't have it.

Michael said...

Yes, God is good to you. I'm glad. Long may you dance and jump about because you love Jesus.

tasha said...

glad u had another good weekend karen!
im glad uve recovered from a cold but ive got one now!
miss ya