Monday, November 14, 2005

It's Christmas...

Don't worry, haven't gone insane just yet. But I have started to get irritated about the insistent Christmas talk among the team and various shops all decked out with Christmas trees.

The only thing that makes me feel vaugely Christmassy is the cold that has crept up on me and hit me over the head this morning. Feeling rough.

However on the bright side it is only a day until I go to St Albans and less than a week til I go to Luton.

I'm very excited, so if you are around next weekend, I'll be there, hopefully with out a cold.

I'm also very close to finishing module two of the course I'm on, just two more things to do, and here I am procrastinating as much as I possibly can.

If any one mentions Christmas shopping they will get sneezed on!!

Michael, I have two words for you: oh dear!


Liz said...

I second the oh dear! Tom Jones is not all that! However Take That are!! Bring on Christmas!

gill said...

your coming to luton?? yayayayayayayaayayy!!!! i didnt know - when you coming?! love u x x x x x

Chris said...

Oh Karen, it was meant to be a surprise!!!!

Isn't there one song that makes you feel Christmassy though?

"Ooooh I......... don't want a lot..."

No?? ;o)

Jana said...

I remember the purple top quite well! Good for you :) did you get a good deal on it? I haven't bought anything clothing wise for myself in ages...maybe because i don't have a shopping partner very often anymore! Oh well. Enjoy your top loads! xoxoxoxo

Karen said...

Sorry Chris. I'm ill, I need a break!! And may have a slight bit of paranoia that no-one wants to see me.

That song makes me ferel very Christmassy, so Christmassy I might need to dance with some one!

Chris said...

Don't... that happened to me!