Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Awaaaaaaaaaay!

Wow, I just had the most fun going back to Luton for the weekend. Saw lots and lots of people as I was just leaving which makes me ask why the weekend has to stop just as people come together on a Sunday evening for Church.

But nevermind! I saw all the people who wanted to see me and got to stay at my old house, which is much changed.

Its all fantastic though.

If you come across this and you are in Luton this week, please go along to the uni as the CU are there on Mission this week. They need all the help and prayer support they can get.

Thanks to everyone who was around at the weekend (too many to name, but you all played a significant part in my trip). I had such a good time seeing you all and catching up, only if it was for 30 seconds or a whole afternoon.

You guys are great, keep going strong for God wherever you are and who ever you are talking to. Don't be distracted by those around you.

Well, back to work, but not after I've done some 'me' maintenance.