Monday, November 07, 2005

Hello there!

Hi everybody!

Have had a busy week. But its been really good.

I've started to get a big passion for Cardiff thanks to God and Philip Jinadu. Its great to beable to pray into hundreds of situations in the city, whilst being focussed.

That came at the end of a long day, but the next day was even better, now I can do CPR! And I'll have a certificate for that too.

How exciting is this year turning out to be!! And in 8 days I'm going on tour with a few people to St Albans. There are people I have to remind, but it'll be so great to see everyone.

We went to see the firworks at Caerphilly castle on Saturday night, and taught the American guys who are on our course about the tradition!

I love teaching and organising people. I'm starting to feel like a bit of an adult, with this whole 'saying no' thing as well. It's so fun!!

Any way... moving on to more serious things.

Please can you pray for:

  1. My house - its up for sale and my house mate can sell it we get to live in a bigger house in a nicer area. She's really stressed about it, but she knows God has his hand on it. We all need a bit of peace
  2. The team car - as much as its a blessing we're having issues with responsibility and routine still. And its broken a lot in the past 6 weeks, so the devil is definitely trying it on!
  3. My sister and her fiancee - as if you didn't already know
  4. Money for next term - as of yet don't have any...

They are a few things, I'll keep you informed. I forget some times that I have prayer support, I'm sorry.