Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bumps and Babies

Found a niche in the Cardiff market.

Offering myself as an in house baby-sitter/heavy lifter (not the children, the furniture) during a mums and tots group. So I had fun this morning.

Finding joy in the little things, like not getting covered in paint even though I was in charge of craft!

It remains to be seen if I will fill this niche permenantly, but I'm sure up until the holidays I will be quite happy there.

Back to my Welsh dictionary:
bore da! (borey daa)- good morning
llan - church/parish/village/yard
cyn (kin) - before
pont - bridge
pridd - earth/soil/mould/ground (so I don't really get why a place is called pont-y-pridd)
I think thats enough for this week, any words you desperately want to know I'll try and get them, but no promises!