Monday, February 27, 2006

Caerdydd calling

Yeah... i was going to write 'calling' in welsh, but its a very long word. And 'to call' is even harder to get!

So there you go, I'm back in Caerdydd and happy to be back. Train journey was uneventful. Train station was full of rugby supporters trying to get home, nightmare.

Small group was great. 11-14's club is back on tonight, we're talking about discipline with the little dahlings. Hmmm, cue lots of 'that's not fair' and 'we should ban them forever', nice.

Apologies for lack of photos - I'm not the one holding the digital camera.

Not much God stuff going around in my head at the mo. But have been thinking about worship and what it all means.

Oh and on Friday I finally get to do my 'How do I resist evil?' talk in Porth - I've been waiting for an entire month.