Friday, March 03, 2006


I know you guys value honesty and integrity... and a little photographic evidence is always helpful in maintaining that.

So may I introduce to you Steve the pig...
Steve the pig

Yes, it was great to meet him, he did smell abit and we didn't stay long cos it was really really cold the entire weekend.

And to prove that I'm really enjoying myself...
Me in Glenwood's Kicthen
We cooked pancakes on Monday evening in anticipation of Shrove Tuesday. The young people are good at telling me how I should do things, whether I actually take it on is another entire ball game!

Well, there you go, I finally posted some pitures from Wales, it's taken a while. Hard to believe that I could be working somewhere else next year in a proper job, in the real world.

No more year outs for me, sadly it is time to start paying off the student loan and gaining a pension.