Monday, February 13, 2006

Lots to be doing

I'm hearing cries of 'Yeah, right!'

This week, like every week, always seems pretty empty to start off with, then I'll put things into my diary and suddenly the time just goes, before you know it next weekend will be here.

Ha ha, thats something I'm definitely not looking forward to!

Some of you may remember the weekend away that I did with the Luton guys last year, well exactly a year on I'll be away again with my peers doing team building on a farm.

I would love to look forward to it, but i'm finding it really hard at the moment. i just can't imagine myself having fun in the cold.

Hopefully the weather will treat us good and the team will be stronger.

But to be honest I'd much rather go to a big old house in the country and relax with God for a few days.