Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, its been another long weekend. Liz was down for a time. We had a laugh and I discovered I really have no idea what shape and style of dress makes me look good.

Seriously. This wedding thing is great! I really don't mind what I get dressed in for the day. I just wanna look passable!

So we had that and the wedding fayre. Was very fun to be walking around, and weird to say that Liz was getting married, albeit in July 2007.

At the moment lots of stuff is happening with Schools work and the youth work is starting to get intense and a little bit risky. Esther and I talked about Sex and relationships this morning and actually putting our opinion out got a great response. Definitely makes it all worth while when some one stops to ask a question about morals.

The class was really chatty today, so discipline was called upon, but its so much harder to discipline when you have no idea of names or school discipline structure. We try not to end up shouting, but its a focus thing too... Oh well, I don't have to teach that class again.

So here goes with another week, more schools work and youth work. Wohoo!