Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I'm currently spending half of Thursday dedicated to learning the Christ parallells in the Old Testament. It's great fun... I know absolutely nothing and am slowly learning the essentials of the Old Testament map.

I was amazed at how little I really know. Its my turn to present this week. As part of the course I've so far done 1 presentation and am about to present the Passover story as if I was talking to 8-11's.

Something that is going to be incredibly hard when the people who are looking a me are actually 19-23 yrs old!

I will be patronising, and I will make an idiot of myself. I intend to have some auidence participation and use of imaginations. I would take the Prince of Egypt clip and use them... but I don't have it at my disposal. Very sad.

Maybe I'll go into work tomorrow and try to put together a power point. Anything to take the attention off of me.

Sorry there are no revelations about the Passover story. I can see the connections with the New Testament, but I don't think it would be very fair to bombard 8-11's with them!!

Billericay people... look out for me in the next Pilgrim.