Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just a quick prayer request

Yes Michael, I will probably move back to Luton. Its up to God now whether doors get shut and opened. The people who have known me a while will understand something about my passion for youth work.

Its one of those things where you have to go where the need is.

So, prayer requests for the next few weeks.

* Jules, my housemate, is starting to rennovate a house in her spare time. She's gotta keep going at it and hopefully it'll be ready to rent soon. Then she just needs a family to rent to.

* For the team as we start to see paths for our next steps. Matt got into college and will start to do a degree in youth work in September. Ruth Mc is going to uni in Reading. Rach is still hoping to go to teacher training. Nick and Ruth D, well God knows and we are praying for guidance.

* I have been offered the job of Pastoral Youth Worker at St Hughs Lewsey in Luton. Praying for funding for the job and that I'll really see if God is leading me back to Luton. I'm searching after God's heart and still keeping my options open.

Just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who prayed over the last weekend, prayer definitely works!