Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's Wednesday again

And you know what that means... giggly moments from the St Hugh's kitchen as we entertain ourselves.

The best brain storming for this team happens jaust at our busiest moments when I'm in and out of the kitchen serving Halyard students and the group of men who arrive aboout 8.30am.

So today we were brain storming St Valentines day (two weeks to go!) and decided on these

Heart Shaped Pancakes

(yes they are pink heart shaped scotch pancakes - Trina made them, she's a genius!) and wearing pink.

Red flowers for table decorations and red napkins! Also playing some love songs in the background.

I'm definitely taking my camera into work next week. Sadly there have been reports of matchmaking in the past, but I'm sure Cupid is very busy this time of year (and I've told the girls to keep schtum).

If you are in Luton and can get to St Hugh's it'll be well worth it next week, 8am-9am!