Monday, April 04, 2005

Harrow and all things GOD

Well, I'm back from Harrow and mission.

Sitting at home hoping that I'm not ill, but the sore throat is telling me differently.

I loved the mission. We did a holiday club and various evening activities. It is great to tell people about GOD and show love through the actions.

I also participated in a small miracle. We ripped up a picture that we had drawn and put it back together. 'GOD can fix everything'. Yes he can, one boy decided to rip his A4 picture into lots of peices, saying 'its impossible to put back together'. But after about 45 mins of sitting in front of the picture, it slowly came together.

The next morning we showed him the picture, I think he was impressed. I definitely was, I forgot GOD had that much patience (and more).

So many people want to start church because their children went to this holiday club.

Very happy and very humbled by Jesus.

I also got to lead one game in the 14-18 event. It was great to hear the young people enjoying themselves. It was good to see the team get so involved with everything. Although we complained about tiredness, the Holy Spirit still worked through everyone.

I had my interview for there as well. It went well, and I would be appy to go there. I think that I have a very tough decision to make in the next few weeks. My brain hurts.