Tuesday, May 03, 2005

4 to go!

Not hours, not days, but assignments/exams before uni is complete. Scary eh?

I got my exam 'timetable', the farce that it is, this morning (was supposed to be published on Friday).

I have 2 exams this semester. Joy of joys.

Health Psychology (oh so helpfully) is at 6pm (and it lasts for 2 hours) on 6th June. Can I get a chorus of 'harsh!' please?

Exceptional Children is at 1.30pm on 8th June. This one is two hours too! Ha ha.

So that is it everyone. On the 8th of June at approximately 3.30pm I will be finished Uni and will only have to be in Luton for the joy of being here, oh and all the weddings.

Oh, and did I mention that I shall be travelling to Kidderminister on the Friday before and not returning to Luton until the evening of the Sunday? No, wel I am. Talk about timing. At least cell on the 8th will be a big relief, as opposed to a nervous wreck.

Well, I've never had to wait for the marking of a dissertation before. This could be interesting.