Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well done 02

Yeay! O2 are great for once! I complained about having to ring them to fix a problem that can't be fixed (yes, I'm still getting a media message 3 weeks on) and they have refunded me £6. Which has made my bill a grand total of £39! First time ever it's been that low.

I say that, but I actually wanted 02 to refund me all the cost (about £7.50) I can't complain that I got charged. I'm ok by it. I think I'll give the £6 away.

Cell social was good last night. Its good to know that there are people in Luton I can hang out with, make a fool of myself in front of (I nearly lost my shoe in the mud) and laugh with so easily.

We went to a little village called Preston in Herts and went for a walk before sitting in the pub. We walked through a wood covered in Bluebells and Christine picked me some flowers, which smelt lovely, but made my eyes itch. I think we're gonna have a hot summer and hayfever will be rife.

We sat in the pub and chatted about all things, discovering an inch worm in the flowers and taking pictures with out the flash. The whole pub looked up when a phone rang and the bar lady was less than nice about it! But we made our own entertainment :-D

Then we got back to Luton and had cake for Nick's birthday. Was a great evening. Will take the memory wherever I'm going next year!