Tuesday, May 17, 2005

So nearly there

One last trip to the lovely person known only to you as my dissertation supervisor, then it's to the binders for erm... binding. (I'm stressed about it on the inside, my back all seized up on Sunday night and the consequence is being unable to sit still for long amounts of time - it really hurts)

I will post a link to 'it' and you can all have a quick read. Although at 10,000 words I'm not sure how quick is quick.

Been reading the story after Penetcost this week. I only read Acts 3 v 1-10 and the enthusiasm from Matt Summerfield about telling youth about Jesus came back to me. Shame it was at 11.30 last night!

Wherever I go next year I know I'm going to take as many opportunities as I can to talk about how great Jesus is. Unfortunately there is still a large amount to be decided about where I am going to go.

I have the choice of Wales right now. That is the only place I've been offered a job. Most people know I could stay in Luton. But I'm still unsure. I have until the 17th June to decide to apply.

I have my YFC interview on 14th June. The guy from eta recruitment is coming to the Luton offices for a meeting, so I'm having a 9am interview. Luckily enough uni finishes 4 days before that so I will have pleanty of sleeping time.

Ok, I'm off to pay for my tickets to Kidderminster on the 3rd!