Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Me shaped

After all the anxiety of the last week and building up to something that could happen, I'm afraid to say I'm still me shaped.

Nothing really happened this weekend. I cafe'd, I cleaned and I went to church. I didn't really talk to the person I needed to talk to, but you know when you have that feeling that what you want to say is totally irrelevant?

It might come up again one day, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

The cleaning part of my weekend was fun. The cell group went litter picking in the alley way behind my road. It was minging!

There were a selection of things that they dragged up and I moved with the help of others. We got an armchair, a bike, tyres, an Iceland trolley and metal grids.

Amazingly the council came and picked it up from the house we'd left it in front of. Those council guys were great, they even picked up a couple of matresses and a fridge that had been sitting futher down the road for a while. Bless them lots!

We stood around and chatted to some residents who live down the road from us while we were clearing the car park. Was great.

Only two incidents for the whole time we were picking, a nail through a shoe and some horrid, smelly tyre water splashed some ones face. But we all had a good laugh!