Monday, May 23, 2005

Who needs my mercy?

The question asked of us by Jude at last night's service.

The whole thing was very good. I was thinking about how we judge and why, especially since I got called up for Jury Duty on the 4th July! Obviously I'm not overly impressed with the timing of this. It means I can't get a job this summer, which would only be geared towards paying off my overdraft.

Nevermind I know that God has got something in store for me over those two weeks and I'm sure that I'll find something to do to earn enough to go to Ignite.

I was back in Essex for most of Saturday for Dad's birthday, so spent a large amount of time on Sunday walking around in a bit of a daze and dropping stuff (no damaged caused and lots of laughs had at my incapability to do stuff). I have forgotten how exhausting travelling and being part of a family is.

As uni enters its last three weeks and I have approximately 5 weeks left in Luton, I will keep you informed as to where I will be and what I will be doing in the summer.


Chris said...

You have until Sunday to do something....

Don't forget :o)

rach said...

You might be able to claim some money for jury service - I did it last year and they paid my wages for two weeks. If, somehow, you can prove that the jury service has cost you loss of earnings you'll be able to claim.

Enjoy it - it's not particularly nice (depending on the case) but it's interesting being inside the court and seeing how it all actually works.