Thursday, May 05, 2005


How do you talk to some one if they profess to listen only to GOD?

How do you encourage some one if they don't want personal comments or criticism?

How do you deal with some one who is a false teacher with worl wide acclaim?

And the most desperate of all...

How do you pray for this person?

Comments please, I think I'm at my wits end and in deeper than I care to imagine!


John Cowart said...

Relax. The battle is not your's but the Lord's. Focus on your own walk with Christ; example is a Christian's best argument.

Hang in there. You are on the right track.

Liz said...

Doesn't it say somewhere that we should listen to each other's teachings to build us up in our faith? Or am I being wishful? How about telling the person that it's going to take God a long time to tell them all he knows - cos thats a lot of stuff, yes we can survive on the Word alone, but you can't understand it without someone standing by you, thats why it says 'and to still another the interpretation (of tongues)' And the comeback - 'Well the Bible has a language of it's own!!!'

Karen said...

Thanks for all your encouragement. I think it will take alot to get through to this person. But God's plan and the truth will prevail!

John, do you have a working link to your own website? All the one's I try fail.