Friday, December 29, 2006


Coming home reminds me of the strong taste of coffee/hot chocolate that you get when you are just about to finish your drink. I think the end of a coffee is the best bit, it's twice the strength of the whole cup and it's cool enough to drink without burning your mouth.

Home is a bit like that, it's definitely twice the strength of anything through out the whole year and coming home normally signifies the end of a term/year.

I think I also have to have twice the strength to survive it. As children grow up family time gets more and more precious. the boys probably don't realise it yet, but because they spend 90% of their awake time either at work or at play somewhere else, home isn't holiday time for them. So consequently coming home doesn't mean automatically seeing my brothers. Strange.

2006 will end in a matter of days and some of us will struggle to see where the year has actually gone, what we have achieved and what our goals maybe for the future. Relax, you've got a while yet.

So off I head towards Cardiff, to spend some time with my friends who are mostly welsh, love em.

Happy New Year to every one, may God bless you in all your plans (whether they work out the way you want them to or not, He's still got you)!