Friday, December 08, 2006

There's a song that's rising up inside...

I'm taking my youth group Carol Signing on Monday! I have a feeling thay might not like it much.

I've been thinking about MySpace recently, and even more so this morning since some one younger than my littlest brother asked me if I wanted to chat with him! Very scary and totally inappropriate.

I know the internet is a life-line for some people and can be a real booster, I know it's helped me a lot in the last few days and weeks, but really there are boundaries.

In other news, the Uni Carol Service went really well last night. Was a laugh, probably only cos Chris and I were giggling the whole time. There will be pictures soon I'm sure.

You know when you think you are nearly there with all your christmas shopping, then realise you have a whole other set of people to buy for... that was me last night. Boo!

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Jawsh Bawstein said...

Remember moi? Drop me a line sometime!

Christmas shopping is always an interesting thing, especially when you actually have an income and thus do have to in fact think of things to get people. Money...oh so overrated.