Monday, December 11, 2006

Opportune moment

Before life gets hectic again, and seeing as most people read on a Monday.

Pray for me this week. I have to do some editing for a movie I've filmed. I don't really know/understand the technology. It needs to be done this week. Sunday is our big nativity/play day. Nervous, so nervous.

Christmas decorations are slowly going up in St Hugh's I'll take some pictures and post them. It's been an interesting week in church life. As is always.

Uni carol service happened this week. Was really good, as usual. Many of my friends involved, and have noticed a growing culture of post-uni people. May be just cos I'm post uni (and still not sure if I'll ever go back).

Woke up at an obscene hour this morning, 6am for apparently no reason other than next door started making noise. Started to pray, because what else can you do in the dead of night (I certainly couldn't lie still enough to go back to sleep)? Was good, but then I was late getting to work!

And my sunroof showered me again this morning. I'm fully expecting to be showered upon all this week...

Jawsh (how could I EVER forget)- leave me an email address then I will email you...