Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Play

StableFor reasons (that I don't fully understand) this is the only picture I can post with out breaking any rules. All the others have small children in.

We had a great time on Sunday morning. The play was, with all it's hitches, fantastically funny and only 45 minutes long. I think the young people and children did a great job. I absolutely loved it. I let myself get a little bit stressed beforehand, which allowed me to calm down someone who was having the most horrendous stage fright I've ever seen.

I shared abit of a story from my childhood with her and she laughed a little bit. She then managed to do the solo verse at the start of 'Once in Royal David's city' in the evening!

Lots of these children and young people are seeking affirmation that they 'can'. Whatever it might be.

I have to be honest and say I suffer from 'I can't' quite alot, but in learning to say 'no' I've learnt the joy of saying 'yes' with out being thoroughly overloaded.

If I don't see you again have a great Christmas!