Monday, January 17, 2005

The Break Up

Its a bit belated, but i've had a weekend to come to terms with this:

BUSTED splitting up

Yes i'm very sad about it all. Busted started just as i started uni (thanks to Mandy for a short introduction this time 2 years ago) & i have tracked their short lived career through 3 albumns & countless number1s (not as many as Elvis though, blimey!). I even saw them on their first tour! I know i cry with many people when i think...

Oh no now theres only McFly!

Now i'm all for boybands, but there is something right about loyalty and sticking with first loves!

'Nuff said!

We can all move on and talk about it in two years time when there is a 'where are they now?' on Busted!

Much love to the boys who changed the image of the boy band...