Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Server Down

As always the uni system has been overloaded by people coming back after Christmas and has failed to cope. So I'm writing on a borrowed user and probably borrowed time (that also means I have no email other than hotmail, so texting/ringing it is!).

We, as final year students, are totally used to this, but it is funny watching some first years run around like headless chickens while the system is fixed. I seem to remember being one of them and then getting a D- becuase no one had the decency to tell me we had a days extension. Rude, I think so!

This title will probably have a double meaning by the time Liz leaves on Saturday. I'll just want to collapse after getting back into the swing of things.

I'm leading cell tonight - as a backup leader I have to take over when no one else is available. Luck, or God, would have it that today is that day. Both the boys are away at various things and Christine is focussed on training, it's a case of Here am I Lord, send me!

The membership of cell has also changed. A few added and taken away, all makes for an interesting dynamic. Nick and Michael are main leaders, whilst Christine and I are in charge of the girls' pastoral care. Another job where talking is the main aim. Yeah, I'll stop there, too many people know I like talking!

And I'm leading the games/activities section of TGI's on Sunday morning, as well as walking the Children down. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can tell you now that the prep time for it will be close to zero!

I'm off to a meeting about CU. I can see the end of this running up and smacking me in the face in late Feb. Yes! The end of the learning curve that is CU.