Monday, January 10, 2005

I was wrong

As my Dad has so lovingly pointed out, I was wrong about the party and Andrews behaviour.

All the people around on Saturday were really well behaved. I had a great time. I have survived the move back to Luton also. Here I am again sitting in the noisy IT suite thinking about what needs to be done before Liz gets here on Wednesday.

Several things have already been solved, but one still plays on my mind, my feet are wet again.

I put the wrong shoes on this morning so I'm paying by sitting in puddles now!

Nevermind. Another thing that is rather interesting is the idea that I am back, but as yet have no clue where to find my next semsters timetable. This is only because I have lost a sheet that the Uni so willingly placed in my care in September. I've lost it. I guess I'll search for it tonight when I get in (and try not to be distracted by ER).

We were talking aboout God's call on Mary this afternoon. That was really interesting. My thoughts tracked to the next year. I shall be pooling my resources (3 youth workers, a vicar and several Christian friends in touch with various organisations) over the next few weeks. I'm open to suggestions still, but I need to start applying for places. I shall be praying over the next few weeks about this specifically, please join me.