Saturday, January 29, 2005

MK = Mashed Karen

Just finished two days full work. By full I mean, 9-6 yesterday and 9-5 today. I was in Milton Keynes selling the university to students and their shopping parents. the questions ranged from 'can i have a pen?' to 'what do i hvae to do to get onto an MA in marketing if I have a Third Class degree in Business admin?' The answer to the first question was yes and the answer to the second question was 'ring admissions'!

Yes I know. I'm tired, hungry and confused. I manged to spend two full days in a shopping centre and only spent £17 which I can't claim back on expenses. Self-control rules! Also had to explain why girls start planning their weddings before they reach the age of 10 and then had my point (that we have it ingrained from the age of 4 that we must have a fairy tale wedding) proved by the next three married women with small girls who went up to look at the huge red dress in the window.
Nice or what?!

Anyway. Off to see Selina and meet Steve! Very excited.