Thursday, January 06, 2005


As if it wasn't busy enough at this time of year, the family always have one last thing to celebrate at the end of the neew year stuff.

This year its gonna be big; my little brother has turned 18! He is now officially an adult. So we are having a massive party.

For me I know this calls in to question my ability to control my self. I can assure you I will be praying throughout the day and preparing myself for this one. There will be alot of drunken teenagers and I think some of them will be nursing hangovers while I travel to Luton on Sunday afternoon.

I also think I won't be seeing much of Andy after Saturday night, from the example he set on new years eve. Bless the boy, he passed out at 9.20pm for a full 20 mins. So I think he'll either be on the floor by ten, or he'll manage it through the whole evening and throw up on the way home!

I can't morally object to under-age drinking (because I know there will be lots) because I was a victim of the peer pressure that exists. We've all one it, we can advise against it, but there is a line to be drawn.

Any way, I think the next time I write I shall be back in Luton. One final exam and my final semster starts. 3 days after I arrive I shall be officially in charge of cell - with two other leaders. Scary, but looking forward to it.