Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cell, Chats and Orion!

Its amazing, the sky was really clear last night, and due to other people's vast knowlege I saw Orion and his belt.

Another one of God's great creations that I get to see because of where I live. I can't believe I'm considering moving to a different part of the country.

Yes, we are still on that subject. Here goes all the work that is involved with signing up for new things (and even turning old jobs down). I guess I'll be filling in a lot of forms over the next few weeks and I'm sure I'll have the answers to the questions well rehearsed by June.

We had our second cell meeting last night. It flowed really well, we all had something to say. Gordon, Selina and Nick all did an excellent job. We prayed loads too - something I think is fundamental for the formation of a cell. It makes you explore relationships you might never have had.

Then Jana and I sat at the bottom of the steps to my house talking about the world, our families, shopping and boys. That is summing up 90 mins worth of talking in 6 words, I think I did quite well!

It was really great to chat, and there are a couple of statements that will stay with me forever(you know the particular one I mean, J!). We laughed and almost cried (as women do) and eventually got home and to bed.

A good day all round I think. On to CU and God working in ways that we could never imagine through Bible Study. Then I get to make jelly and marbles (don't ask, I'll write a report soon!).