Monday, April 11, 2005

Back to Uni

I got up really early this morning and experienced the student world waking up around me, very fun. The IT Suite is now getting louder, so it's nearly time to leave and go to Kent for a couple of days.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had TGI's in the morning, foirst one back after easter and the start of my final term with them. I've very sad to be leaving the lovely people in the team and the young people in the group.

I get one final go at youth work with these guys at Ignite. I'm starting to get excited about that, but I have to finish my degree first!

The evening service was really good for me. I didn't actually grasp what the talk was about, but God wanted to say something different to me. I thought I was dealing with it quite well, then I talked to a couple of people and it turns out I'm still holding on to stuff.

My Dad is teaching on John 21 v 15-25 next Sunday, and it struck me how desperate God is for the Love he gives to come back to Him. He needs to hear confirmation that he is loved by Peter just as much as we do.

3 people told me that Jesus loves me and has something great planned for me yesterday, and I still don't really believe it. I need to let go and trust whats going to happen to me will be good.

That is easier said than done.