Tuesday, April 26, 2005

You'll be happy to know...

... I've reached 8,000 words for my dissertation, and luckily I'm no where near finished!

That may sound weird, but I have reached this special place of my minimum word limit all by my self... (there's that song again, why does it keep coming up?) She's gone again, the dissertation supervisor that is. I saw her for all of 5 mins on Friday, where she told me that there's been a study in Beford proving girl gangs and violence is all moral panic (only exists in people's heads e.g extreme terrorism). I did actually get excited again.

Great I have my conclusion, or there abouts, and I can't get the article to write about it. Argh! The excitement died. And no emails either.

Why do we keep missing each other? Did she forget her keys again? Am I ever gonna stop talking? Will I survive a night in with Liz and Henry, or will God save me?

All these questions and more maybe answered later, if I have the time!