Monday, January 15, 2007

At the end of the day

I go home.

Well, I go to Tesco's, then I go home.

Only to come back an hour later to do youth club...

Mondays were never going to be a short day to be honest.

Been thinking about burning some stuff. A few years ago someone suggested I burn somethings because I wanted to get rid of them for good. Just got to find a place where I won't set light to stuff that doesn't need to be burned!

That's a bit of an insight into my really crazy mind at the moment. Hmmm, maybe I should stop sharing.

God's doing really interesting things right now (yes, I'm carrying on even if you are shouting NO at your computer screen). Teaching the Old Testament Fathers of Faith tonight. It's only 4 peoples names to remember, we shall see how it goes. Going to leave lots of space for thinking and reflecting.

Have stopped. You can breathe a deep sigh of relief (I won't be able to hear you)!