Thursday, January 18, 2007

WiFi at home

So after many minutes on the phone to tech support (actual tech support, not my dad) I was told that my laptop doesn't support USB wireless adapters.

I got a card to stick in the side of my laptop and it worked first time, though my laptop can't seem to do anything with out complaining prefusely. I'm sitting at home blogging, after a productive quiet day.

It means I can finally do this
Me and Liz

and this

Liz, Mandy & Me

Aren't we lovely. I miss them both loads.

Apart from the wind, nothing really crazy is happening at the mo. Preparing for things to come seems to be taking up a lot of my time. Living in the past, now and future is definitely a balance.

Old Testament teaching continues. We've got Genesis down, now Exodus. Don't worry, I'm not about to bore the young people with a book-by-book analysis, they can't sit still for long enough. We'll skip the law bits and get on to the adventure stuff, with David, Esther and Hosea.

I'm praying that my phone bill isn't massive. Seriously, the 15 mintues could have been about 30 seconds and have gone like this "The USB doesn't work? Right, what make is your laptop?"
"OK, HP laptops don't support USB adapters, get a card"
"Thanks, bye"

And on that note, I'll leave...