Monday, January 29, 2007


Another weekend has past and we are nearly in the second month of the year!

Christine had a birthday this weekend (Pics later) We had a lot of fun, various trips to Tesco and Asda, so we could have smoothies. We played Rapidough and had a laugh!! Was great to see everyone.

Then yesterday I spent my entire afternoon with a family from Church. Absolutely loved it. I was exhausted and feel a little ill, but nothing would stop me from enjoying their company.

Tonight we are having a sweet absitence... we'll see if the hyperactivity calms down. And it's New Testament mashed with why should I read the Bible and what have I learnt. Concluding the 4 week series on the Bible.

Back to dancing tomorrow night. Can't wait... and in a few weeks Liz will be joining me! Wohoo!

The Valentine's Day emails are rolling in, as are the plans for breakfast the week earlier (why does it always fall in half term?). Themes are something that delight me greatly!