Friday, January 26, 2007

Crisis and complaining

Billericay has made a name for itself on regional news last night... There was a massive fire down the road from my parents house, which meant that people were evacuated to the local Secondary school (which just happens to be the school I went to). I watched it on the news and then tried to ring my parents, could I get through? No.

They are miles away from the fire... so they are fine.

The second feature on the news was about the people of Crays Hill protesting outside Westminster yesterday. They got on the coach just outside the pub where I used to work! Why the protest? The biggest travellers site happens to be near Crays Hill.

So if you ever wondered why I can make a big crisis out of a little flame, or complain about something even though I've lived with it for a while, its because I'm an Essex girl!

What makes me laugh the most is when I say I'm an Essex girl the response is 'oh really' with a knowing nod, so I wait for the jokes to roll out. I'm not shocked, and this really stuns people (mostly Luton people). I'm incredibly proud of Essex, and nothing can phase me.

On other notes, there isn't going to be a trip to Africa this year. We are heading to Soul Survivor again. Africa is being pitched for Summer 2008. And I'm not sure there will be SS festivals in 2009 because they are heading to Durban. Prayers are essential as I plan and organise SS.