Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Dreams

I love having random dreams that really make absolutely no sense, but that make you laugh as you wake up, so I'm in a great mood this morning!

We also read Hosea in staff prayers (no staff meeting this morning, it all happens tomorow), which made me think.

I have a very deep joy that God's word is living. Prophets who wrote years and years ago can still speak right into the heart of us.

It's quite a big thing, but it can be very simple too... I clearly am writing as I think. AND we live in the absence of a Saviour who has already come and will come again. I can't imagine what it would have been like to live as a Jew in the times of Isaiah and all the other prophets. To be God fearing, but to know that he was coming.

Or what about living in the 400/500 years between Malachi and John the baptist, when God said nothing!! Oh man, I find it hard enough when some one doesn't reply to an email or text. I'd be absolutely stuffed!

But here I am right now, living with God's word which (scarily) can speak to me and catch me out.

A new week has started and I feel like it's going to be a good one.