Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Dreams

I love having random dreams that really make absolutely no sense, but that make you laugh as you wake up, so I'm in a great mood this morning!

We also read Hosea in staff prayers (no staff meeting this morning, it all happens tomorow), which made me think.

I have a very deep joy that God's word is living. Prophets who wrote years and years ago can still speak right into the heart of us.

It's quite a big thing, but it can be very simple too... I clearly am writing as I think. AND we live in the absence of a Saviour who has already come and will come again. I can't imagine what it would have been like to live as a Jew in the times of Isaiah and all the other prophets. To be God fearing, but to know that he was coming.

Or what about living in the 400/500 years between Malachi and John the baptist, when God said nothing!! Oh man, I find it hard enough when some one doesn't reply to an email or text. I'd be absolutely stuffed!

But here I am right now, living with God's word which (scarily) can speak to me and catch me out.

A new week has started and I feel like it's going to be a good one.


Michael said...

Yeah, it must have been pretty difficult to work out what was going on. And when what they were waiting for did happen, they didn't recognise it. Sometimes God confuses me. But then His ways are higher than ours.

Pete said...

I wouldn't be too sure God said nothing, just that people either didn't listen, didn't understand, or just didn't think it worth writing down.

mo said...

Indeed all the prophets were amazing people, with amazing characteristics and that's why they were chosen.

Prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them all.

They all had the same message. They all had exceptional characteristics.

Karen said...

Firstly I wouldn't put any of the names mentioned above in the bracket of Prophet. Yes, they spoke to the people about God, but no necessarily in the same way as people like Isaiah and Ezekiel.

SecondlyI do not believe that Muhammad was a prophet, at all. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and God the Son. Difference of opinion is all.

Thirdly, who ever you are, whatever you believe, all four men mentioned above spoke in different times and different places. They are not talking about the same thing.