Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chocolate and gloves

There is something about getting up at 5.30 every Wednesday morning that is really releasing.

I was a bit hyper this morning and managed to eat a slice of chocolate cake at about 6.15. I was hungry and I think it was a good idea. When it came to getting the sausages out of the oven I had too much fun the with oven gloves.

Now for those of you who know me, you will more than likely know about the pink mittens... the oven gloves have a similar affect on me. Oven mits that go all the way to your elbow and make you feel quite invincible!

If you haven't worn mittens since you were 5, I suggest you find a pair and have a go. It's inspirational!

So I feel like I'm back in full swing now. Even forced myself to go dancing last night (wanted a night in to feel sorry for myself, but also needed the company) ended up really enjoying myself and getting some really good dances.

Does anyone want to come dancing next week? May even try Ballroom! He he... Watch out Liz, half term isn't far off.

I agree with Robert, get a blog J! Robert, you have to write more - need to be updated about you coming here again.