Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Feeling the need

The need to say stuff that some people may not like.

I think I have to first address the current issue: the re-election of Mr Bush. I think I can turly say that after many silly things done in the last four years, this is the silliest.

Why re-elcet this man? Have the small words he uses been covering the big mistakes he's made? I think the US people can officially be defined as 'the blind leading the blind'. I don't understand politics at the best of times, but I can see the bad decision thats just been made.

Secondly I ask the question:
If someone asks you something and their life depends on the answer, would you try your hardest to scrape together an answer?

Many people would say yes.

This did not occur to the people who are currently dealing with my granddad. They have no idea what is going on in his body, not even an indication. My mum said that the consultant had no clue what he was talking about and they have to go in to London for a second opinion.

What do we as a country strive for? Mr Blair's reaction would make me assume we live to please. What was the consultant thinking about when he was talking to my Nan and Granddad, his lunch? The queues? More than likely.

I cried again.
I cried because its out of control.
I cried because people are asking me questions that I can't answer.

I've been challenged to listen to God. I'm doing a talk on it on Sunday morning. I think I'm gonna go for another walk on Saturday, or I'll spend the day at home thinking about how dirty my house is.

I'm listening to God. I'm gonna attempt to listen in the right place.

I'd like to thank the people I've eaten with in the last week. For their support and ideas. For the challenges and helpful comments. I love everyone of you.